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Foodie Flavours Juniper Gin Natural Flavouring 15ml


This is Juniper Gin natural flavouring is great for cookies, cakes, confectionery and much more. An ideal product for fans of baking and cake decorating.

For best results dilute our Juniper Gin flavour into a key wet ingredient such as water, milk or egg. Only a few drops are needed, so try about 20 (1ml) per kg of food and adjust to taste. The 15ml bottle of Juniper Gin natural food flavouring contains around 300 drops* of high strength flavouring. If you are baking please remember that some of the flavour will ‘flash off’ due to the heat, so you may need to increase the dose to compensate.

* 1 drop is approx. 0.05ml

Do not exceed:
3.7ml per kg in foodstuffs
1.2ml per litre in beverages

Ingredients: Natural Flavouring preparations, Ethanol, Propylene Glycol (E1520).

Suitable for the following diets: Coeliac, Ovo-lacto vegetarians, Vegans, Halal, Kosher. 15ml bottle

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