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Roxy & Rich Hybrid Lustre Dusts

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Get perfect coverage and the best and brightest colour and shine with the Roxy & Rich edible Hybrid Lustre Dust.

Unlike other lustre dusts that can leave small spots where it hasn’t covered your decoration properly, there is no fear of that with the Roxy & Rich Hybrid Lustres. They will give you the ultimate coverage with none of the original decoration showing through, making sugar floristry work and modelling much quicker and easier.

The colour is also so good that you don’t have to colour your decoration first. Normally you would add a lustre shine to a decoration that is already a similar colour to the lustre dust you are using, but with the Hybrid Lustre Dusts, you will get an intense, vibrant finish with perfect coverage, even if you are using a different colour on a white decoration.

The Hybrid Lustre Dusts can also be used to colour pearls which will save money as you don’t have to keep buying different coloured pearls. Simply wet your pearls with a little water, place them in a bag with a small sprinkling of Hybrid Lustre Dust, then rub until the pearls are coloured. You will be left with pearls in the colour of your choice with an unrivalled lustre shine.

The Hybrid Lustres are incredibly simple to use and can be dry brushed on, or mixed with alcohol or lemon juice to form an edible paint. You can also mix it with piping gel for the added colour and shine as well as sugar water to form an airbrush colour, although we strongly advise cleaning your airbrush thoroughly before and after doing this.

All the colours in the Hybrid Lustre Dust Range are fully edible and conform to EU and FDA standards. They are formulated unlike any other lustres available with a mica particles and a thin layer of colouring that is sure to outshine any other dust available.

The lustre dusts are suitable for nearly all dietary requirements.

The Hybrid Lustre colours are:

• Gluten Free.
• Lactose Free.
• Nut Free.
• Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
• Water soluble.

Size: 2.5g


Nu Silver: E555, E171, E102, E110, E133, E132, E129

Teal Blue: E555, E171, E102, E133

Any colouring that contains E102, E110 or E129 may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.


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