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Teapots Mould


Silicone moulds have simplified the once complex task of creating detailed decorations for cakes, cookies, deserts and so much more.  They produce intricately detailed decorations in next to no time with the added bonus that these pieces can be made well in advance and stored until needed.

Suitable for use with a wide variety of edible mediums such as sugarpaste, flower paste, marzipan etc they are also very popular for making chocolates.  Prior to use we recommend brushing the mould very lightly with sunflower or vegetable oil.  Then simply pack the mould with your choice of moulding material, level off the back of the mould to ensure the mould is full but not overflowing, and then flex the mould to release the shape.

This teapot mould will make two very attractive teapots with slightly different, but complimentary, patterns. The finished pieces measure approximately 55mm x 40mm.

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