Make Classic Pulled Blossoms

Make Classic Pulled Blossoms

In this blog post I want to show you how to use a very old-fashioned technique to make some quick and beautiful flowers. You don’t need any specific cutters or moulds, just two modelling tools – a Veining tool and a Tapered Cone 5/6 Star tool, and also a pair of fine pointed scissors.

Tools for making sugar blossom decorationsPulled flower making

This method is known as pulled flower making as we are literally going to pull the shape of the flower out of the flower paste, it’s sometimes also called finger flower making – you’ll soon see why! You can either make these blossoms with flower paste or sugarpaste with some Tylo powder added (a good guide to quantities is one teaspoon of Tylo powder to 250g sugarpaste).  Both work well. I’m using Renshaw Rose Pink Flower and Modelling paste.

To begin with knead the flower paste until it is soft, pliable and easy to work with, we only need a small amount for each flower. Work a small ball into a cone and flatten the larger end slightly. Then insert the 5-star end of the tapered cone tool into the flattened flower paste to create a deep star.
pulled flower making, step by step
Use fine pointed scissors to cut down each of the lines and flatten out each section to create a basic 5 petal blossom shape (using the 6 star end of the tool will give a 6 petal blossom).
pulled flower technique, step by step guide

Pinch each petal gently between your thumb and forefinger to flatten slightly, this will make veining slightly easier. Now holding the flower between your thumb and forefinger take the veining tool and roll it gently across each petal against your forefinger to create the veining pattern, this will also thin your petal a little more. If the flower paste is sticking to your finger just rub a little white vegetable fat on your finger to prevent this from happening.

veining sugar flowers guide

Repeat with each of the petals. Reinsert the star tool to create a defined centre to the blossom.

 Sugar blossom tutorial - inserting the star tool

Then gently pinch the edge of each petal to create a more defined shape.

 Sugar blossom tutorial - pulling the petals

Finally cut the flower paste at the base of each blossom, cutting at a diagonal will make the flower sit better on your cake.

 Sugar blossom tutorial - three sugar blossoms

I have dusted my blossoms with a mixture of Snowflake and Rose dusts, but the alternatives are endless!

Sugar blossom tutorial - edible dusts


Sugar blossom tutorial - final result


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