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Chocolate Drip - Candy Pink

  • drip cakes are very much 'on trend' but to ensure a professional finish, you need to use the best ingredients
  • developed with top cake decorators to create the highest quality drip frosting effect - designed for wedding and other important celebration cakes
  • *white chocolate / vanilla flavour
  • can you buy something cheaper in the supermarket?  Yes you probably can, but don't confuse with the quality of finish possible with Chocolate Drip
  • approx 250g nett - enough to cover a 6" round cake at least 3 times - more if you only need it for the edges, eg if the cake is tiered or you're placing decoration on top
  • faster, easier and more economical than using chocolate - no need to temper, less prone to crack and you still get a great finish
  • so easy to use: remove the lid, microwave for 30 seconds, replace lid and shake for 1 minute, cut tip and pipe away. If the chocolate hasn't completely melted (depends on power of micro) continue to heat in 10 second intervals until desired consistency is achieved 
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