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VW Beetle Car Mould


This mould of a VW Beetle Car, is made from a very soft and flexible non-stick silicone rubber and can be used with various mediums to make very attractive decorations for use on wedding and celebration cakes plus cupcakes. These moulds can also be used with chocolate, plaster of paris, clay, PMC, Fimo, soap, wax, casting resins, isomalt and other types of mouldable materials. The mould is easy to use, even for the beginner, giving you great scope in creating individual designs. High quality silicone rubber is used in producing the mould, making it very durable even when placed in the freezer. Unlike other silicone moulds ours are resistant to rips and tears and are odourless To give some idea of size, the finished moulded Beetle Car measures 80mm x 35mm.

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